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All You Need to Know About Plumbing Leaks in Tampa FL

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All You Need to Know About Plumbing Leaks

Case Plumbing & Sewer is one of the most knowledgeable plumbing service Tampa FL and has some words of wisdom that can save you hours of time, hundreds of dollars, and large amounts of energy. A basic understanding of how your plumbing system works and even some knowledge on troubleshooting repairs, will better equip you in the event a crisis erupts. Our professional plumbing service Tampa is here to ease your stresses with the following advice:

  1. Recognize the Source of Your Water: There are two possibilities for the source of your water. These include either a residential well and private pump or a city water line. In more rural homes, water is carried to the home by a well. Urban home owners have city water that they get billed for on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  2. Locate Your Water Main: In the unfortunate even your home has a leak, it is important to know right where to go and how to cut off the water immediately to avoid future damage.
  3. Test Water Pressure: You should aim for 80 LB per square inch of pressure as a household standard. Water or plumbing companies can test the pressure, but you can do it yourself with a water-pressure tester for as little as $10.
  4. Spigot Valve: If a pipe is going through a cement foundation then a frost-free hose bib should be installed. This helps one to shut off the water closer to the inside of home which will ultimately limit the potential of freezing.
  5. Replacing a gasket: Water that is dripping from the shower spout is typically a result of a defective washer body. To proceed with the repair, you should isolate water to that shower, disassemble all the handles, and then take out the stem where the washer is. You can then replace the washer and observe the improvement.

For more questions or concerns contact the top plumbing service FL Case Plumbing & Sewer – we are happy to help!

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