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Plumbing Tips for the SummerJuly 9th 2020

Summertime means more time at home with the family and use of plumbing service St Petersburg FL. There is likely more use of the toilets, washers, sinks and hoses for water activities. This overuse can lead to issues and needs for a plumber. There are a few precautions you can take this summer to spend less time worrying about plumbing issues and more time having fun!

During these warm summer months is it the best time to check plumbing appliances to prevent plumbing problems. This is the perfect time to check sprinkler systems for leaks and to insure the heads are clean. Checking sprinkler heads is the best way to prevent underground leaks which could cause wasted water and killed grass! It is also a good idea to check other places around the house for leaks such as the toilet, faucets, the shower head, pipes under the sink and the pool.

If you and your family decide to go on a vacation this summer there are some useful tips to follow as well! For example turning down your water heater will save energy and turning on your sprinklers once a week to water your plants once deeply instead of everyday will promote deeper root growth and conserve more water. When leaving your home for a number of days it is also beneficial to turn off the water to your toilets. This will minimize potential leaks that could occur when you are gone. If you are gone for several weeks you may also consider turning off your main valve to stop leaks from happening in any part of the house. Here at Case Plumbing we are happy to provide you with any assistance with found damages or leaks to your plumbing.

For help or more information regarding plumbers near me Tampa FL, plumbing St Petersburg FLl and plumbing service St Petersburg FL contact Case Plumbing.

How to Properly Get a Wedding Ring Out of a Sink DrainMay 11th 2020

It happens to the best of us — your ring falls down the drain. Many of us have experienced this heart-pounding event in our lives and the fear is real; but don’t get too worried as there is a way to get it back. Follow these five steps to be a plumber Tampa FL and get your wedding ring out of the drain and back to safety.

Step 1: Stop the Water

Shutting off your water is imperative. You do not want to risk your ring picking up speed in water flow and pushing itself out of reach. If you let your water run too long and you’ve completed all of these steps, that means that you might’ve pushed it further into your pipes and need to call a plumbing service FL for professional help.

Step 2: Grab a Bucket

The purpose of a bucket is to capture any lingering water, gunk, or rings that fall from the pipes and out into your cabinets. You want to place your bucket underneath your p-trap (which is the curved part of your pipes) as that is what will be removed.

Step 3: Find the Access Plug

This is where the mess comes. Try to find your access plug on your p-trap. It should look like a large plug with a plastic screw top. If you have reached this step and cannot find the access plug or do not feel confident to continue, call a plumber Tampa FL. With an expensive ring in jeopardy, you want to make sure you do this right and some older homes may not have an access plug.

Step 4: Remove Plug

Now, remove the plug! This is the step where you hope to find some treasure. Weed through the mess and see if you can find your sparkly gem. If you cannot find your ring at this step, make sure to get a plumbing service to dig further in your pipes. 

Step 5: Replace the Plug

Don’t forget to put the plug back in securely. If this isn’t properly replaced, then it will lead to leaks in your cabinet and if it goes unnoticed, could possibly lead to mold.

For more information on how to get a ring out of a drain, call Case Plumbing to speak with a professional.

Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance You Can Do YourselfApril 10th 2020

We know cleaning your bathroom is the last thing you want to be worrying about during these times, but trust us, this is a better time than ever to get your home clean and clear. Bathrooms are the number one place that can not only show signs of use, but can build up gross and possibly harmful bacteria over a short period of time. This bacteria can come in many different forms, one of the most common being mold (which we’ll speak about later). It is important to do regular cleanings and maintenance in your bathrooms, to make sure your plumbing company service Tampa FL and fixtures stay in good shape, long-term.


Clean Your Grout


Cleaning your grout is one of the easier tasks to take on in the bathroom as it’s usually the least gross compared to others (depending on how long you waited to clean them). Even with the best infrastructure in your bathroom, excessive moisture and lack of ventilation can create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that grows over time into a dark, smelly, and sometimes dangerous mold. One of the most common places you will see mold grow is in the grouts of the tile in your shower. You want to make sure you are using a good cleaning agent that kills bacteria and fights/prevents mold build-up. Also, grab a wire brush to really get in there and scrape off any mold that may have already been building up to get a thorough clean.


Clear Your Drains


Drains are a mystery. You never know what you’re going to get when you pull out the little snake from your (year long build-up) clogged drain. The more people you have using your shower or the more hair you have on your head, the crazier the mystery will be. Hair is the number one way drains can get clogged in a shower and it’s pretty apparent why. If you don’t already own a snake for your drains, pick one up from the store. An excessively clogged drain can create a world of damage on your pipes, if not treated on a regular basis.


Clean Your Shower Heads


Shower head maintenance is one of the forgotten tasks, with many not even knowing to clean them in the first place. Over time, shower heads can get crust build-up from the showering and eventually, will clog holes. This will force water to be redirected into the other holes in your shower head at high pressure. If you have a shower head that is pushing out water at a high pressure (maybe making you uncomfortable when you shower) and it didn’t originally do that before, that could mean you have clogged shower head holes and need to clean it. You can clean it by scraping off the crust with a semi-sharp object or fingernail and you will notice your water pressure begin to lessen.


By taking the time to do regular maintenance in your bathroom can help you reduce expenses in the long run. If you try these cleaning tasks and you still find yourself having bathroom issues, contact Case Plumbing, a plumbing company service Tampa FL, to speak with an experienced plumber about a solution fit for your situation.

Plumbing Service Tips for Winter March 5th 2020

With cold winter weather comes a variety of plumbing issues and dilemmas. In order to prevent any costly problems take care of your property and contact a plumbing service Tampa FL to avoid the stresses. Additional guests during the holiday season can put extra strain on your plumbing. Thankfully, you can avoid many common plumbing problems with some preventative measures. Here are some tips to keep your plumbing running smoothly through the holidays. 

Turn Off Outside Water

To prevent frozen pipes, turn off the outside water valves as they can be costly to repair. When your pipes freeze it can lead to a rupture which has a high repair cost. Make sure as temperatures begin to drop you turn off all outside water valves and then look for pipes in un-insulated areas of the home as these are most likely to freeze. 

Get to Know Your Property

Make sure that before any issues arise you are familiar with where your home’s main water valves are located. In case of an emergency, it is crucial to shut off your property’s water immediately. If you are already familiar with your home you will be able to shut off your water source quickly or direct a plumbing company to help if needed.

Detach Outdoor Hoses 

While you are preparing for winter make sure to detach any water hoses that are connected while you inspect your home. If any water gets in the hoses they can freeze and the ice can back up into your pipes leading to a rupture. Disconnect any hoses left outside and store them for spring to prevent any accidents. 

Keep an Eye on Your Energy 

If you are doing any traveling for the holidays your first instinct might be to turn down your heat. If doing so make sure it is not turned too low. If your pipes get too cold this can also cause them to freeze and then rupture. There is nothing worse than coming home from a vacation to find your plumbing has been damaged. 

Check Your Water Heater 

Making sure your water heater works is important at any time of the year, especially in winter. Take preventative steps to make sure your water heater is working properly before the winter hits and it is being used more often. If you are trying to adjust the heater’s water temperature, don’t set the dial above 125 degrees F. This will save energy as well as preventing overheated water. 

Hire Right the First Time

It never hurts to be prepared, if you sense your plumbing might need additional care call a plumbing company Tampa FL right away. Choosing an experienced plumbing service will cut down on mistakes and make sure your home is ready for any weather. Case Plumbing offers a full range of plumbing services! Contact us today to arrange for a service or a written estimate.

3 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional PlumberNovember 8th 2019

Why You Should Choose a Professional Plumbing Service Tampa Bay Fl

When you start to notice a plumbing issue in your home, it might be your first instinct to run to the local home improvement store to buy one of the many products available. However, choosing the right product for your home is not as simple as it may seem. Oftentimes, these products might not even solve the problem, but instead, put a bandaid over a bigger problem. In many cases, it is best to go straight to a professional plumbing service Tampa Bay FL. 

Years of Experience 

A huge benefit of calling a professional plumber Tampa Bay FL is that they are experienced in solving the most complex plumbing issues. With a professional plumbing service, trained experts have seen a variety of drainage problems and know exactly what is needed. Instead of playing the guessing game with your drainage issues, professional plumbers can fix your problems without further damaging your pipes. 

They Have the Right Equipment

Liquid draining products from the store can only do so much, but the experts at Case Plumbing have specialized tools designed to see inside your drain system and address the problem. When you call a professional plumbing service Tampa Bay FL, you are going to have someone who can offer you a permanent solution.

Guaranteed Service  

When you are working with a professional plumbing service Tampa Bay FL, they will usually stand behind their work with a satisfaction guarantee. As a result, if something continues to be an issue professionals are able to come back and address any persistent problems. Don’t take the risk of doing your plumbing work yourself. Call a professional who can do it and  guarantee a job well done. 

At Case Plumbing, our highly trained professional plumbing service Tampa Bay Fl offers a variety of services and repairs. After 68 years in business, we have the knowledge and experience that has earned us our good reputation and we take pride in the quality of our work and getting it done right the first time.

Plumbing Company Tampa Reveals Tips & Tricks to Leaky FaucetsNovember 12th 2018

Plumbing Company Tampa Reveals Tips & Tricks to Leaky Faucets

A drippy, leaky faucet can be an annoyance for any homeowner. Here at Case Plumbing, we understand that these tiny droplets can result in sleepless nights, increased water bills, and overall frustration with your home. Not all faucets are the same, but this repetitive sound will drive just about anyone crazy. Plumping Tampa is a touchy subject, as this experience can be costly and leave a portion of your home out of commission for an extended period of time. Most repair cases require a plumber Tampa, but these tips can send you on your way to perform minor repairs for your leaky faucet:

  1. Turn off the water: The first step involves looking underneath your sink for the pipes that run-up to the faucet. Somewhere along those pipes, you can locate the part where you shift the water off to the sink. Twist these handles clockwise to shut off the water source.
    Plug drain: The next step is to plug your sink drain. This is because tools and pieces can fall down the drain and cause further damage during the midst of performing a repair.
  2. Identify the type of faucet: There are many different types of faucets which require separate repairs. A compression faucet has two screw handles while others have one central arm that swivels to change the water temperature.
  3. Remove the handles: Pry off the decorative cap part of the handle then unscrew to remove the handle. After, use a wrench to remove the nut. Underneath the handles is the stem which sits on the O-ring. This O-ring sits on the top of a seat washer which is made up of rubber. The rubber gets worn out and can likely be the cause of your dripping faucet.
  4. Replacing the O-rings: Cut off the old O-rings and coat the new ones you purchased in some form of plumber’s grease before installing them.
    Reassemble: Lastly, reassemble the handle and turn the water on slowly. If you run the water too forcefully, it can crack the ceramic disk.

For more information contact our top plumbing company Tampa FL – Case Plumping!

All You Need to Know About Plumbing Leaks Tampa FLOctober 10th 2018

Top Plumbing Service Tampa FL

All You Need to Know About Plumbing Leaks

Case Plumbing is one of the most knowledgeable plumbing service Tampa FL and has some words of wisdom that can save you hours of time, hundreds of dollars, and large amounts of energy. A basic understanding of how your plumbing system works and even some knowledge on troubleshooting repairs, will better equip you in the event a crisis erupts. Our professional plumbing service Tampa is here to ease your stresses with the following advice:

  1. Recognize the Source of Your Water: There are two possibilities for the source of your water. These include either a residential well and private pump or a city water line. In more rural homes, water is carried to the home by a well. Urban home owners have city water that they get billed for on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  2. Locate Your Water Main: In the unfortunate even your home has a leak, it is important to know right where to go and how to cut off the water immediately to avoid future damage.

  3. Test Water Pressure: You should aim for 80 LB per square inch of pressure as a household standard. Water or plumbing companies can test the pressure, but you can do it yourself with a water-pressure tester for as little as $10.

  4. Spigot Valve: If a pipe is going through a cement foundation then a frost-free hose bib should be installed. This helps one to shut off the water closer to the inside of home which will ultimately limit the potential of freezing.

  5. Replacing a gasket: Water that is dripping from the shower spout is typically a result of a defective washer body. To proceed with the repair, you should isolate water to that shower, disassemble all the handles, and then take out the stem where the washer is. You can then replace the washer and observe the improvement.

For more questions or concerns contact the top plumbing service FL Case Plumbing – we are happy to help!

Plumbing Service TampaSeptember 17th 2018

Plumbing Service Tampa, FL

The Perks of Finding the Right Plumbing Service Tampa, FL

Plumbing involves a series of complex and intricate systems that require a professional service in order to be completed properly. It is important the find the right professional plumbing Tampa, FL. There are predetermined standards in place that were created to ensure your plumbing system works as effectively as possible. Additionally, there is a safety component that comes with selecting the right plumbing company Tampa. The following 3 benefits are all happy byproducts of selecting the right plumbing service:

  1. Peace of mind: Peace of mind is achieved once you realize you have made the right choice. This comes from a sense of ease knowing that if any problem were to arise, you have a reliable company that has proven itself in past instances. The only thing worse than a plumbing crisis is not having someone appropriately respond to it. Worse yet, not having any plumbers know how.

  2. Get the most for your dollar: This a relieving benefit, as no one wants to waste money in racked up expenses from paying a professional that turns out to be unsuccessful. When you have found the right plumbing service, you will already be knowledgeable about expected financial obligations and have more of a ballpark estimate when new issues arise. Some companies also offer discounts for loyal or repeat customers. Plumbing companies have done their due diligence is training their workers so it is now up to you to determine which service is right for you.

  3. Response and recommendation: Once you have found the right plumbing service Tampa, you can rest assured knowing what the response time will be. This is based of previous instances and can help you better plan your day around a plumber showing up. Additionally when you feel comfortable with the company, it makes your experience as a whole all the more easier. Now that the ideal company has proven their loyalty, you can recommend the service to others seeking this assurance.

For more information regarding plumbing services Tampa, contract us at Case Plumbing!

Choosing a Plumbing Company Tampa Residents TrustJuly 23rd 2018

Choosing a Plumbing Company Tampa Residents Trust

Needing plumbing services done always seems like a hassle, but not with Case plumbing company Tampa residents can trust! Case is the plumber Tampa homeowners rely on to get any job done no matter the plumbing service that needs to be performed! When you need plumbing services Tampa, FL but want an experienced professional who can find and fix the issue fast call Case Plumbing!
When you’re dealing with water in places you don’t want it, or clogged toilets or sinks, or need new fixtures installed, you want a plumber Tampa FL homeowners trust. Why? Let’s look at some of the traits that make for a quality plumber, like the plumbers at Case Plumbing.

Length of Time in Business

Looking at the Length of Time in Business is a big indicator of how well the plumbers of this service are. If they have been in business for a great number of years, it is a sign of trustworthy plumbers with a good work effort and returning customers! Case Plumbing has been in business for over 68 years! It goes without saying that after 68 years in business, Case Plumbing has the knowledge and experience that has earned them their good reputation. New startup plumbers run up against the challenge of “Not Being In Business Long Enough” to have the right expertise and workers to handle the Plumbing job correctly.

Professional plumbers are required to have a license to practice their specialty. Plumbing professionals, including subcontractors and journeymen or apprentices, should be licensed by the state with a C-36 License. You want to check to see if your plumbing services provider is licensed in the state and is certified to work in your home. Verifying a license is easy and can be done online in a few seconds.

Every plumber you consider should have insurance, liability, as well as worker’s compensation, it’s important for the protection of the homeowner. Insurance is important to protect you and the workers who enter your home.

Check Their References
A reputable plumber should be able to provide you with references, remember the plumbers are going to be in your home, and maybe for a long period of time. Case Plumbing can be sure to give you references that are reliable to confirm our expertise and Plumbing quality.

Case Plumbing offers a full range of plumbing services! Whether you’re building a new house, remodeling your home or experiencing plumbing issues in your home, we are well equipped to take care of all of your plumbing and water treatment related needs. Contact us today to arrange for service or a written estimate.

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