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Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

We know cleaning your bathroom is the last thing you want to be worrying about during these times, but trust us, this is a better time than ever to get your home clean and clear. Bathrooms are the number one place that can not only show signs of use, but can build up gross and possibly harmful bacteria over a short period of time. This bacteria can come in many different forms, one of the most common being mold (which we’ll speak about later). It is important to do regular cleanings and maintenance in your bathrooms, to make sure your plumbing company service Tampa FL and fixtures stay in good shape, long-term.


Clean Your Grout


Cleaning your grout is one of the easier tasks to take on in the bathroom as it’s usually the least gross compared to others (depending on how long you waited to clean them). Even with the best infrastructure in your bathroom, excessive moisture and lack of ventilation can create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that grows over time into a dark, smelly, and sometimes dangerous mold. One of the most common places you will see mold grow is in the grouts of the tile in your shower. You want to make sure you are using a good cleaning agent that kills bacteria and fights/prevents mold build-up. Also, grab a wire brush to really get in there and scrape off any mold that may have already been building up to get a thorough clean.


Clear Your Drains


Drains are a mystery. You never know what you’re going to get when you pull out the little snake from your (year long build-up) clogged drain. The more people you have using your shower or the more hair you have on your head, the crazier the mystery will be. Hair is the number one way drains can get clogged in a shower and it’s pretty apparent why. If you don’t already own a snake for your drains, pick one up from the store. An excessively clogged drain can create a world of damage on your pipes, if not treated on a regular basis.


Clean Your Shower Heads


Shower head maintenance is one of the forgotten tasks, with many not even knowing to clean them in the first place. Over time, shower heads can get crust build-up from the showering and eventually, will clog holes. This will force water to be redirected into the other holes in your shower head at high pressure. If you have a shower head that is pushing out water at a high pressure (maybe making you uncomfortable when you shower) and it didn’t originally do that before, that could mean you have clogged shower head holes and need to clean it. You can clean it by scraping off the crust with a semi-sharp object or fingernail and you will notice your water pressure begin to lessen.


By taking the time to do regular maintenance in your bathroom can help you reduce expenses in the long run. If you try these cleaning tasks and you still find yourself having bathroom issues, contact Case Plumbing, a plumbing company service Tampa FL, to speak with an experienced plumber about a solution fit for your situation.

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