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Full-Service Plumbing in Tampa

Are you looking for a reliable, certified plumber for faucet-to-pipe service? The team at Case Plumbing & Sewer is your solution! We’re a certified full-service plumbing company, locally owned and operated, and we offer service on everything from a simple leak fix to installing new plumbing lines and appliances in the kitchen and bathroom. We also offer preventative maintenance packages to ensure that your home’s plumbing works smoothly.

Affordable Plumbing from Certified Experts

Do you have smelly drains or standing water in the tub or a sink? This may indicate that you need a sewer line cleanout or that you have a clogged drain. Instead of using harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes, trust our expert plumbers to safely locate and remove the clog or clogs. We’ll also give you some professional tips to help reduce the instances of clogs in your kitchen, washroom, and bathrooms.

At Case Plumbing & Sewer, we understand the value of having a local plumber familiar with the challenges that plumbing in Tampa has and how to use the latest technology, including slim cameras, to travel through your home’s pipes to locate the clogs. For larger issues, we can also perform a full flushing of your sewer pipes, keeping them clean and removing smaller clogs and debris before they grow large enough to completely block the pipes or cause them to burst.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services

Do you need a certified, full-service plumber to fix a leak or even to complete a broken pipe replacement? Each plumber from Case Plumbing & Sewer has been fully trained on minimally invasive repair services to reduce any damage to your lawn or landscape. Or, maybe you notice a foul odor coming from your drains, which can indicate that you need the pipes flushed or debris removed. Even your landscaping, such as large trees, can impact the condition of your plumbing and cause plenty of problems. With the right diagnosis from a certified plumber, you may be able to avoid an expensive repair.

We also have complete repiping services, which can benefit older homes or can help when you’re planning to complete a remodel in the kitchen or bathroom and need to place sinks or tubs in a new location. These services can be complicated, so it’s best to have a team of highly trained professionals at your service.

Plumbing Emergency? We’ve Got You Covered!

Whether it’s a sudden need for a water heater repair or you have an overflowing sink, our emergency plumber can be there in a snap. We can even quickly diagnose your problem and give you tips over the phone to help minimize the damage until one of our local plumbers can arrive.

Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to help reduce the chances of a plumbing emergency, and we have packages that include inspecting every faucet, joining in the pipes, drains, and water heaters, both tankless and traditional. With regular preventative maintenance and plumbing inspections, we are able to find the source of any potential leaks, clogs, and problems. This gives you a chance to prepare to have any repairs and replacement necessary before the clog, or worn spot becomes a leak or burst pipe.

Schedule Your Service Now

The team at Case Plumbing & Sewer is standing by, ready to remove a clog, fix a leak, or unclog a sink or commode. We are one of the most trusted names for residential plumbing service in Tampa, FL, offering affordable services, and we will treat your home as if it were our own! Give us a call for an estimate on our services, and don’t forget to save our number in your smartphone for emergencies!


      • Faucets Install & Repair
      • Leaks of all kinds
      • Bath Sinks
      • Kitchen Sinks
      • Bathtubs & Showers
      • Toilets
      • Water Heaters
      • Garbage Disposals
      • Backflow Installation & Testing
      • Tankless Water Heaters


    While it’s usually a good idea to call a plumber for most issues, there are several things that can help minimize your need for one.An annual plumbing check-up is always a good idea.

    • Most people are surprised to learn how a seemingly tiny leak can waste thousands of gallons of water over a relatively short amount of time if left unattended. Be sure if you notice any leaks that you have them repaired as soon as possible.
    • By changing the rubber hoses on your washing machine to stainless steel mesh hoses, you reduce the risk of the hoses bursting and creating a huge mess in your laundry room.
    • In the event of an emergency, it is always a good idea to know where the shut off valve for your water is located. Typically it is in
      the front yard, yet in some newer homes, it may be located in the garage near the piping where the water enters the house.
    • Do not pour any oils down the drain, because when the liquid solidifies in the cold pipes it will very likely create a clog.
    • Avoid using caustic liquid drain cleaners (like Drano and Liquid Plumber) when drains are completely clogged. The cleaners will be trapped in your pipes and could potentially cause damage. If you cannot snake the clog yourself, its a good time to call us.
    • To extend the life of your garbage disposal, be sure to run cold water when using it, and avoid over filling. In addition, never dispose of bones or corn husks, throw them into the trash.
    • To keep your garbage disposal odor free, never leave food in it for long periods of time, and occasionally dispose pieces of citrus like lemons, limes or oranges to give it a fresh smell.

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