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Many plumbing issues can be traced back to poor water quality. Municipal water supplies, like those in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding area, are often treated with chemicals like chlorine that aren't harmful but can cause an unpleasant odor and taste. And, our water contains a lot of mineral content, which can cause problems with your laundry, your shower, and other key parts of your home. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to treating your water, and Case Plumbing & Sewer can help.

You don’t have to deal with hard, smelly water in your home. Call Case Plumbing and we can help you get the water treatment products you need.


Clean kitchen sink water

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Contact us as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary involving your kitchen sink or bathroom drains and we will promptly address your problems!

Signs You Need Water Treatment Services

When you need water treatment services, there will likely be telltale signs that your water has too many minerals, or even harmful bacteria. Some of the signs that you may need a home water system include:

  • Your water has an unpleasant odor or taste.
  • Your hair and skin are frequently dry.
  • You have mineral buildup on your plumbing.
  • Your clothing or dishes are stained after washing.
  • Your water appears to be dirty or cloudy.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

Our water treatment services include reverse osmosis water treatment systems, which are highly recommended. This type of water filtration system passes the water through activated carbon, filtering out chlorine, pesticides, biological contaminants and other undesirable components in your water. The carbon filtering is accompanied by a membrane that removes sodium and similar contaminants, leaving your water as pure as it can be and ready to drink.

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Well Water Filtration Systems

If you get your water from a private well, then you need water treatment services to keep your water clean, like a water filtration system. Wells and similar sources lack the safeguards of a municipal water supply, making them more vulnerable to germs and bacteria as well as hard water deposits. We can install a comprehensive water filtration system, removing impurities to keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Water Softeners

If hard water is your primary concern, Case Plumbing strongly suggests a water softener, which removes deposits of calcium, magnesium and other minerals from the water. That prevents the crusty white build–up from forming on your shower and faucet heads, as well as making bathing more pleasant, reducing wear and tear on laundered clothes and helping drinking water taste cleaner.

Water Testing

If you’re not sure what kind of contaminants are in your water, a water testing service is just what you need. The technician takes samples and can provide a detailed report on the content, alerting you to specific dangers and providing a road map for a solution. This is especially important if you get your water from a well or similar source outside the civic system.

Case Plumbing is ready to help with your water treatment needs

When you need water treatment services, the experienced plumbers at Case Plumbing & Sewer are ready to help with your water filtration, softening, and testing needs. Simply give us a call at (813)445-5266 and we will be happy to assist you.