How to Properly Get a Wedding Ring Out of a Sink Drain

wedding ring sinking in waterIt happens to the best of us — your ring falls down the drain. Many of us have experienced this heart-pounding event in our lives and the fear is real; but don’t get too worried as there is a way to get it back. Follow these five steps to be a plumber Tampa FL and get your wedding ring out of the drain and back to safety.

Step 1: Stop the Water

Shutting off your water is imperative. You do not want to risk your ring picking up speed in water flow and pushing itself out of reach. If you let your water run too long and you’ve completed all of these steps, that means that you might’ve pushed it further into your pipes and need to call a Pinellas Park plumber for professional help.

Step 2: Grab a Bucket

The purpose of a bucket is to capture any lingering water, gunk, or rings that fall from the pipes and out into your cabinets. You want to place your bucket underneath your p-trap (which is the curved part of your pipes) as that is what will be removed.

Step 3: Find the Access Plug

This is where the mess comes. Try to find your access plug on your p-trap. It should look like a large plug with a plastic screw top. If you have reached this step and cannot find the access plug or do not feel confident to continue, call us at Case Plumbing & Sewer. We have a location in Pinellas Park, FL and in Tampa, Florida. With an expensive ring in jeopardy, you want to make sure you do this right and some older homes may not have an access plug.

Step 4: Remove Plug

Now, remove the plug! This is the step where you hope to find some treasure. Weed through the mess and see if you can find your sparkly gem. If you cannot find your ring at this step, make sure to get a plumbing service to dig further in your pipes.

Step 5: Replace the Plug

Don’t forget to put the plug back in securely. If this isn’t properly replaced, then it will lead to leaks in your cabinet and if it goes unnoticed, could possibly lead to mold.

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