Plumbing Tips for the Summer

Summertime means more time at home with the family and use of plumbing service St Petersburg FL. There is likely more use of the toilets, washers, sinks and hoses for water activities. This overuse can lead to issues and needs for a plumber. There are a few precautions you can take this summer to spend less time worrying about plumbing issues and more time having fun!

During these warm summer months is it the best time to check plumbing appliances to prevent plumbing problems. This is the perfect time to check sprinkler systems for leaks and to insure the heads are clean. Checking sprinkler heads is the best way to prevent underground leaks which could cause wasted water and killed grass! It is also a good idea to check other places around the house for leaks such as the toilet, faucets, the shower head, pipes under the sink and the pool.

If you and your family decide to go on a vacation this summer there are some useful tips to follow as well! For example turning down your water heater will save energy and turning on your sprinklers once a week to water your plants once deeply instead of everyday will promote deeper root growth and conserve more water. When leaving your home for a number of days it is also beneficial to turn off the water to your toilets. This will minimize potential leaks that could occur when you are gone. If you are gone for several weeks you may also consider turning off your main valve to stop leaks from happening in any part of the house. Here at Case Plumbing & Sewer we are happy to provide you with any assistance with found damages or leaks to your plumbing.

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